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Our cancellation and refund polic

y is as follows:

cancellation policy If you wish to cancel an order placed on, you must do so within 24 hours of order placement. However, please note that cancellation is not possible if the consignment has already been shipped.

refund policy

In case of refund request, please contact our customer care on +91 9595080006 after cancellation with all necessary proofs.

pricing policy

The rates are subject to the services you avail as per your requirement which may depend on factors like quantity, distance and other factors. Additionally, rates of services are subject to change without any prior notice.

claims policy

Annapurna Cargo Packers and Movers always try to impress upon their clients about the benefits of taking risk coverage while hiring and to avoid any contingencies that may occur in unexpected circumstances, they should be informed about the risk through checks for their goods. Recommend paying the coverage fee.

General Instructions

The customer is requested to enter the appropriate value of the goods being shipped in the inventory sheet. The inventory sheet will be considered as the final document in case of claim settlement. It is important to note that the value of the items in the packing list will be considered final. In case of any claim for any reason whatsoever, compensation will be limited to an amount equal to the value stated by the consignor in the packing list as mentioned earlier. The sender should check the declared value of each item in the packing list at the time of documentation. The carrier will not be liable to entertain any claim for compensation in respect of any item which is not specifically mentioned in the packing list and the value of which is declared at the time of packing the contents. A case claiming compensation for loss of material will be considered for repair or reimbursement only after receiving full receipt of freight charges and written complaint immediately after unloading or within three days. If the consignor/consignee merely signs the “Goods Received” copy of the goods acknowledgment without giving any comment about the condition of the goods, it will be deemed that the goods transported were delivered in good condition. Only those items which were specified as damaged by the consignor/consignee in the remarks section of the proof of delivery will be taken into account by the carrier. Complaints lodged later or at a later stage regarding an item being found damaged after the OK receipt has been issued will not be entertained. Any claim in case of car/bike must be reported and lodged within 12 hours. In case the risk coverage is not opted, no claim will be considered at a later stage. No claim will be entertained if damaged goods are already mentioned in the inventory sheet. No compensation will be considered if the Customer repairs the goods without notifying the carrier. If the consignor/consignee has made his own arrangements for the unloading and unpacking of the transported goods, the carrier will not be liable in any way for any damage or defect found in any item. The customer is clearly instructed by the consignor not to pack oil like items and hence no claim will be entertained in the event of oil spill. We do not accept the carriage of hazardous materials such as perishable goods, jewellery, arms and ammunition, fireworks, explosives, chemicals, filled gas cylinders battery acid and flammable oils; Such as diesel, petrol, kerosene, gasoline, narcotics and counter branch items. Customer must remove acid from all batteries and drain prior to loading. No compensation will be considered in case the lift or staircase walls get damaged during the delivery process. The consignor hereby declares that the above particulars given by him or his agent are correct. Does not contain any prohibited items/items and is aware of the carrier's terms and conditions If the party covers its risk directly through an insurance company, the transit risk coverage by the carrier will lapse and will not be liable to consider any compensation claim. points to remember We request you to give us one week's advance notice along with the booking amount to provide you better service, check drawn in the name of "Annapurna Cargo Packers & Movers". Car transportation requires 10-litre diesel/petrol in the fuel tank. Insurance policy for household goods/vehicle/office equipment etc. is necessary. If the number of items in the content list exceeds that discussed and mentioned, additional charges will be applicable. We are not responsible in any way for loss of cash, jewellery, valuables and other perishable items. The labor union risk and society risk will be borne by the party. Full payment will have to be made at the loading point. The company does not take any responsibility for any damage after the work in local shifting. All goods are accepted subject to our terms and conditions which are displayed in full and available at any of our branches/offices. A consignor making a false declaration regarding the contents/description/quality of the goods transported will be held liable for any loss suffered by the carrier as a result of such declaration. Carriage will not be responsible if any item is declared prohibited and confiscated by a government authority. The carrier does not guarantee the delivery of the goods at the time of transit and reserves the right to deviate from the route of their description due to any unavoidable circumstances and natural calamities and the consignor/consignee to pay any additional charges that may arise. Is responsible. Out of such unavoidable circumstances, as this is done in the interest of the sender/recipient and the goods being transported. The Company, the Carrier or their agents shall in no way be liable for any loss or damage caused by theft, collision or accident or any other road, river hazard or by reason of the default of the employees/drivers/laborers or the Company. For this, the company insists that the customer opt for comprehensive transit insurance of the goods and declare the nearest possible net realizable value of the goods being transported. The insurance claim and the amount of the insurance claim is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance company and its procedure. All liquid items, glassware, perishable items like China made products, fruits, vegetables etc. should be carried at "Owner's risk". The company insists that customers choose the best possible packaging standard to avoid damage at any time when loading and unloading goods. Demurrage fee of Rs 20/- per unit will be charged from three days after the arrival of the goods at the destination till the time of collection by the consignee or till the time of delivery by the consignee at his residence or place of work. Unless otherwise declared, the price of goods will be Rs 2/- per kg. The consignor hereby expressly declares that the particulars declared/declared by him or by anyone on his behalf or by any of his agents are true and correct and that no prohibited articles/restricted materials have been included with the goods handed over to the company/carrier. Has been. For the purpose of transportation and the consignor/consignee is fully aware of the terms and conditions of the carrier/company. The Company also reserves the following rights (a) The Company reserves the following rights - Right to stop delivery of the consignment for recovery of freight, old dues and other charges. (b) The Company reserves the right to sell the goods after 30 days of arrival at the destination to recover its dues. The company or carrier has a lien against the goods for unpaid/outstanding dues both present, past and/or outstanding in respect of freight, customs, warehouse management/storage charges, demurrage, labor and/or other charges etc. and Will have the right. A general lien of their past unpaid/dues (defined above) shall also be payable to the Party or its affiliated subsidiaries, its agents/principals/representatives and or any hand handled consignment. The persons mentioned above. No dues of the transport company will be delayed/deducted or adjusted against any claim or counterclaim. No claim will be entertained unless the above due amount is paid to the Carrier/Company by the concerned party. Interest at the rate of 24% per annum will be payable from the due date till payment is made by the party to the carrier/company. Due date will be the date the carrier/company submits the bill to the customer. In case the Carrier/Company exercises its lien on the goods for non-payment of any unpaid/outstanding amount (as mentioned in the sections above), no criminal case can be instituted against the Carrier/Company. The customer can make a claim with the insurance company in case of loss or damage to his/her belongings. The Consignor/Consignee mutually agree that they will not release any right to the Insurance Company to recover the loss from the Carrier and initiate recovery proceedings and the Consignor/Consignee will not, in any of the clauses Couldn't face even what is implied or written. Acts/Rules/Regulations or statute books. Unless the consignment is otherwise booked under the Company's risk as per special contract, the value of the goods @ Rs. will be. 200/- per package or Rs. 2/- per kg whichever is less. However the invoice may show differences in prices. If the risk fee has not been received by the Company, Late Fee Certificate will not be issued to the Sender/Recipient. The Company/Carrier does not take responsibility for re-booking/re-routing/transshipment and the Consignor/Consignee is liable to pay any additional costs arising out of such changes made to the original consignment booked. All disputes arising out of this shall be within the jurisdiction of the Court at Pune only.

for car and bike

As far as claims for car/bike or any other item are concerned, only external damage will be considered and no claim can be made for internal or mechanical breakdown. Moving a car as a part of a relocation service is done at the owner's risk. The sender must directly take out appropriate insurance cover against all types of transit risks and the carrier is not liable for any damages. The consignor will directly pursue his case with the insurance company for any claims in case of any unexpected event, damage to his car or bike. If the repair process requires replacement of new parts then the depreciation amount will be considered by the carrier.

Electronic and Furniture Items

Note that AC/refrigerator gas leakage/refilling will not be considered by the carrier. Note that any damage to the furniture item will be repaired by the company's carpenters if repairable. However, no claim for replacement of damaged furniture will be entertained. Claims made on minor scratches on furniture items will not be entertained. In case of minor and repairable damage, the customer will initially have to submit a claim letter and quotation for repair estimate from an authorized vendor to process the risk coverage claim. In case the estimate is not received from the consignee, the amount will be considered depending on the extent of damage. All repair estimates will be received within 5-7 business days. Depreciation amount of 8% per annum on the declared value will be considered for furniture and electronic items. The damaged item will be taken up as salvage by the carrier if the carrier considers 100% of the declared value against the claim.

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